Friday, August 28th 2015

CHATSWORTH, Calif – P4C Global, an asset management and reverse logistics vendor to some of the largest entities in the wireless industry recently announced that is has maintained its ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and R2:2013 certifications. These certifications, governed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) certify that P4C Global has maintained proper standards set forth to ensure proper procedures are in place to meet customer satisfaction, regulatory requirement and environmental management standards in the electronic industry.

            “Maintaining these standards is of the utmost importance to us,” said Steven Hopwood, CEO. “It shows our clients and the rest of our industry that we are serious about serving our clients to the best of our capabilities and that we will ensure that proper procedures are in place to make sure we protect the environment as we recycle electronic waste.”

            Among other services, P4C Global recycles used mobile devices in an effort to recoup value on clients’ used technology and to divert e-waste from ending up in landfills, where it can be toxic to the environment. The ISO 14001:2004 and R2:2013 certifications certify that the company maintains concerted efforts to recycle all goods processed in a 100 percent “green” manner, with no negative effects on the environment.

To ensure that all devices processed by the company maintain strict privacy and adhere to stringent customer satisfaction standards, P4C Global has maintained ISO 9001:2008. “We maintain these strict certifications because we stand as a leader in our industry,” stated COO, Lawrence Jackowski. “It is imperative that we set a standard of environmental responsibility and dedication to our clients’ privacy and success.”

Based in Los Angeles, Calif. P4C Global employs over 70 wireless industry specialists, many of whom have been working in wireless technology from its earliest stages. With over 45,000 square-feet of operational and storage capacity, the company harnesses the ability to process over 250,000 handsets and 1,000,000 batteries per month while maintaining the capacity to scale up as necessary to meet clients’ needs. Additionally, P4C is capable of processing over 100,000 pounds of waste handsets, batteries and chargers on a monthly basis. Through various channels, P4C possesses the ability and industry knowledge to maximize revenue on all wireless devices and related items including handsets, batteries, chargers, headsets, Bluetooth devices, accessories, mobile hotspots and flash memory cards. A state-of-the-art battery testing facility allows P4C Global to perform incredibly precise tests on a large number of lithium-ion cell phone batteries, providing clients with the ability to place batteries into refurbished handsets with unprecedented confidence.