Thursday, April 14th 2016

LOS ANGELES — P4C Global Inc. will be participating in CTIA Super Mobility 2015, at booth #440, on September 9, 10 & 11, at Sands Expo & Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Founded in 2003, P4C Global works to reduce the amount of the mobile industry’s e-waste. The company employs a work force of over 70 people to sort, test, and process approximately 250,000 handsets and over 1,000,000 batteries per month in its 45,000 sq. ft. warehouse in Los Angeles, California. As one of the largest reverse logistic vendors, P4C works to maximize its client revenue returns on all sorts of otherwise discarded wireless devices and accessories through various retail and wholesale (re)distribution channels, breathing new life into handsets, batteries, cables, chargers, Bluetooth, mobile hotspots, tablets, and various other accessories; keeping the majority out of landfills and in the hands of consumers world-wide.

P4C Global is proud to take part in Super Mobility 2015, by CTIA-The Wireless Association, in supporting its stated goal of advancing the industry, strengthening its members and fostering the evolution of new technology by providing an opportunity for 35,000 professionals to learn, connect and do business against the backdrop of mobile’s direction-setting industry leaders and technologies. It is the largest and most influential forum in the Americas focused specifically on mobile innovation in all its disruptive glory. It helps to foster an opportunity for various industry leaders to come together and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the mobile industry.

As mobile devices, particularly smartphones and tablets, continue to reach new consumers on all parts of the globe, more and more e-waste will inevitably be created. Dealing with this problem is a daunting challenge many businesses, municipalities and government agencies are genuinely unprepared to deal with, potentially sending millions of mobile devices containing toxic elements to local landfills every year. P4C Global strives to put an end to the consumer-to-landfill cycle by working with business leaders and government officials to recycle responsibly and create a sustainably minimal environmental impact at all stages of mobile life, from the manufacturing through the end of life-(re)cycle. CTIA plays an important role in showcasing P4C's Responsible Recycling model directly to the mobile industry's leaders and insiders.