P4C Global specializes in redistributing cell phone batteries and currently houses the largest wholesale mobile phone battery stock in North America. Key to the redistribution process is the testing of batteries. P4C utilizes state-of-the-art testing technology and systems to ensure that all batteries processed are of the highest quality. The company’s testing laboratory is widely considered among the best in the industry and holds the capability of precisely testing thousands of lithium-ion batteries on a daily basis, all while creating minimal waste and maintaining ISO-9001, ISO-14001 and R2 compliance and certification.

Items collected through P4C Global’s recycling vendors pass through a manual triage process where they are sorted, tested and assessed based on their quality, condition, and the types of materials that they contain. At this phase, P4C also identifies and separates those items which can be re-sold or re-used as refurbished components versus those items that will be directly recycled. This hands-on process enables the company to extract the maximum value from each item it receives.

At the P4C Global battery testing facility, precise assessments, which measure each battery’s performance and capacity are made and then compared to manufacturer’s specifications. Poor quality batteries are then separated from the highest quality batteries, which are provided to clients. Specialized software that tracks each individual battery test then creates a report on clear, concise data sheets that are then attached to the individual battery. This testing process allows clients to be fully aware of what to expect from each specific battery and furthermore extends the ability to achieve superior customer service and satisfaction.

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