P4C Global is committed to creating and growing strategic partnerships by providing access to customized business intelligence and reporting systems. Our customers can rest assured knowing that their product(s) will be carefully tracked and controlled throughout the recycling / reuse process.

P4C utilizes a Six Sigma type methodology to measure quality of service (QoS). We have multiple processes in place which allow for the collection and documentation of quality control metrics to measure QoS.

All processes are measured for flow, throughput, responsiveness and accuracy. Batteries and waste materials are counted and weighed respectively. The data is monitored hourly/daily to ensure throughput is at a maximum whilst maintaining a minimal percentage of errors.

As an ISO certified company P4C has a set of Key Quality Indicators (KQI’s) to measure, maintain and provide insight for continual improvement. All inbound focus materials have a documented multi-step quality control process prior to entry into inventory as finished goods. In addition, we conduct customer service surveys on a quarterly basis. We maintain metrics and goals for return merchandise authorization (RMA) of less than two percent and an on time same day shipment service-level agreement (SLA) of 99 percent.

All objective measurements are reviewed monthly and formally reviewed in our quarterly management review meetings. All of the equipment used in our processes is serviced and calibrated no less than bi-yearly.

Furthermore, we employ two separate third party certified registrar firms to perform a yearly ‘Surveillance Audit’ to validate our measurements and to ensure our processes are sound, all within the ISO system compliance.

In addition, we utilize a customer feedback survey to quantify the customer experience. All data is compiled and reviewed on a regular basis as part of our process management system for continual improvement.

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