P4C Global offers an extensive selection of high-quality used cell phones in wholesale quantities and pricing. Used cell phones come from P4C Global’s collection programs and recycling efforts as well as from carrier return and trade in programs. Cell phones are offered in either a tested, as/is condition and/or refurbished. P4C also offers popular models of new cell phones.

Purchasing wholesale used cell phones is a great way to help the environment and offer a valuable product to consumers. The average person upgrades their cell phone every 1.5 years. With 90 percent of American adults owning a cell phone, that is a lot of phones being replaced every year. Much of the materials used in mobile devices are toxic to the environment when not disposed of properly. By recycling used cell phones for reuse, the amount of electronic waste created every year can be drastically reduced.

Since the technology on most cell phones is recent, many cell phone users who are environmentally or budget conscious are interested in purchasing used or refurbished cell phones. Furthermore, many users do not carry insurance on their phones and would rather buy a replacement phone than pay out of pocket for a brand new one at full cost.

P4C Global offers an extensive variety of used and refurbished cell phones.

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