At P4C Global, we believe in establishing partnerships with our valued clients. We make sure that our upstream vendors are getting the highest valuation possible for their material. Highly skilled at identifying and preserving best uses for assets, our team of experts has the process chain and connections in place to realize maximum value for these assets.

In keeping with this value-added approach, and to provide the best service possible, we offer complete transparency in the development and delivery of our products and services. As valued partners, our clients know exactly what materials are worth and can see firsthand how we establish the valuations we provide.

Our proprietary internal systems track all products through the supply chain in real-time and measure up to the hour productivity and costing. Providing a true cost analysis, paired with an accurate and up-to-date market overview and valuation on all of the assets we process and sell, the system is continuously being improved upon by our programmers to provide optimal reporting for our partners.

As one of the largest wholesale suppliers of OEM cell phone batteries and accessories in North America, we have a very high- level view of the industry as a whole. This perspective allows us to truly understand what our clients need and gives us a greater opportunity to bring them the solutions and products they are seeking.

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