P4C Global will assess the value of your mobility products through stringent and certified testing protocol and ensure that you recover the optimal value for the product.

Items collected through P4C Global’s recycling vendors pass through a manual triage process where they are sorted, tested and assessed based on their quality, condition, and the types of materials that they contain. At this phase, P4C also identifies and separates those items which can be resold or reused as refurbished components versus those items that will be directly recycled. This hands-on process enables the company to extract the maximum value from each item it receives.

For products that cannot be reused or resold, P4C recovers the items’ valuable resources and recycles them into saleable, reusable components and materials that can be refined back into their natural element. These materials include precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium, and copper. As such, the company has a comprehensive triage process in which it sorts through procured equipment to identify salvageable products for resale and useable components for reuse. Through this process, P4C is able to maximize the useful lives of many re-usable electronic assets and further separate those assets containing valuable natural elements. The company processes and recycles lithium ion batteries cell phones and cell phone accessories within the U.S. and does not send anything to other countries for processing.

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