P4C Global maintains ISO 9001:2008, 14001:2004 and R2 certifications certifications and processes all product(s) domestically. Furthermore, P4C has developed and maintains proprietary internal systems that track all products through the supply chain in real-time, as well as measure up to the hour productivity and costing. This system allows P4C to provide a true cost analysis, as well as provide customers with an accurate market overview and valuation on all of the assets the company processes and sells. P4C employs a team of programmers that maintain and make continual improvements to this system.

P4C clients are confident that they are being provided environmentally-friendly , efficient solutions without relying on foreign third party partners, ensuring that products stay within P4C Global’s R2-certified control throughout the recycling process.

We are consistently focused on the security of our customer’s data and certify 100 percent sanitization and/or destruction of data on any assets processed. Furthermore, we can provide certificates of destruction on any item processed at our facility, where a stringent process is performed on each asset, initiating its record into our resource management system. This system gives clients access to customized reports that provide convenient access to actions and information around the clock.

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